Kennels at Stoneleigh

Compassionate care

Each dog enjoys a roomy, individual kennel, spring water, and soothing music during the evening. 



 Please bring a printout from your veterinarian of vaccines given to your dog. We accept vaccine titers.

Please bring medications in a daily pill dispenser purchased at drug stores. Do not bring medications in their bottles.


Regular Care


The peaceful serenity of the facility is protected by 24-hr fire & security system plus a family in residence. 

Nestled at the base of the Short Hill Mountains just outside historic Hillsboro, Virginia, Kennels at Stoneleigh welcomes your dog to its park-like settings. Our goal as a kennel is to be stress free, quiet and enjoyable as possible.  All dogs receive the loving care of a staff dedicated to the proper care of animals.

We are family owned and operated.

Hailing from the great state of Texas, the family has lived in Loudoun County

for the past nine years.

Diet & Meds

Professional Pet Services